Self-Service Pre-Built Widgets Adaptable

Pipeline Management

Manage your pipeline with pre-built widgets providing visibility into what changed in the pipeline and why? Slice and dice opporutiny pipeline by region, lead source, product family and dozens of other paramters to pin-point exactly where you stand. Don’t wait till end of the week to get the visibility you need to ace your quarter.

Lead Management

Manage leads efficiently. Get visibility into current processes. Analyze what channels are really delivering leads that “convert”. Evaluate cumulative contribution Compare your process against industry benchmark and best practices.

Sales Funnel Management

Analyze current opportunity flow through Sales Funnel. Identify the “deal stage” which deserves your additional effort and focus. Should you be pushing for “POC” or “Demo” ? Ensure the deal stages on your CRM really represent the actual flow of events followed by your sales team.

Sales Activity Management

Get insights into where each member of your sales organizations is spending time. Provide instant feedback about their productivity. Drive them towards higher value tasks which are producing results. No need to guess data has the answers. Experiment with the different sales workflows, learn what is working. A/B testing with sales processes delivered !

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