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Everything you need to run data driven sales
all major sales metrics
Pipeline Analysis

Understand where your pipeline and deals stand now, how has it changed over time, what's affecting it, and what to expect in the future.

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don't just measure .. evaluate
Revenue Analysis

Get complete visibility into your revenue stream with detailed revenue analysis to accelerate your business growth.

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empower future by analyzing past
Sales Forecasting

Make forecasts you can bank on. Use data no matter where it resides, and spend less time with simple data entry – AI and machine learning technologies extrapolate to fill in data gaps.

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don't just measure .. evaluate
Account Based Sales

See the account engagement with marketing and understand how different marketing activities impact your pipeline and revenue

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MoData's AI-powered sales intelligence software provides you with actionable insights, predictions and prescriptions to help you grow revenue, faster.


how modata helps businesses grow
"The UI is exceedingly simple to use and fast. Simply define the way you want to filter the data and leverage the expertise of the MoData team."
Dan Lackner
CRO, Vaadin
"The fact that it tracks history unlike most other BI tools like Power BI. This means that you do not have to take snapshots every day or week to track movement of your funnel. Thats been great help for us."
Subanya C.
Sales Ops, Promapp
"Excellent Platform, Great Leadership"
Bobbi Frioli
VP Sales, Beekeeper
For professionals. From professionals

Behind every successful customer… is a lot of great data. Our Philosophy: Fast results. Measurable success. Long-term relationships. And a little fun

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