Sales Forecasting

Predict and project the future of your sales team

Forecast Mastery
Improve Accuracy
Deal Prioritization
Quota Management
Master Your Forecast

Putting together your forecast with spreadsheets is time-consuming and filled with mistakes. With MoData every forecast is instantly generated live with real-time data, so you can make stronger and more confident decisions without ever filling out a template again.

Maximize Forecast Impact

Utilize forecasting that’s actually useful to your team’s performance. Stop relying on gut feelings, voodoo magic, and outdated spreadsheets. Predict your numbers based on your personal history and turn forecasting from a formality into your greatest weapon.

Improve accuracy and see where you're going

Forecast based on individual deals and your team’s history, not funnel stage buckets and guess work

Instantly spot deal risk and know which deals are real so you can avoid surprises

The right deals at the right time

See every deal ranked by prediction, summary, and history all in one view. Increase sales velocity by focusing on the right deals at the right time.

Manage Your Quota with One Click

Set quota at rep, team, or region level with one simple click. Give everyone perfect clarity into quarterly progress that is automatically updated in real time.

  • Perfect Alignment
  • Visible Progress
  • Improved Performance

Compare & Share

Compare any perspective side by side.

Implement your insights into your workflow with a single click

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MoData's AI-powered sales intelligence software provides you with actionable insights,
predictions and prescriptions to help you grow revenue, faster.

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Sales Velocity

One of the most informative metric important to every Sales Executive, yet seldom exposed for easy consumption. Delivered out of the box!


Benchmark with others from your industry with side by side visualizations. Identify where to spend resources and what to improve.

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