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Our Predictive Models helped this fortune 500 conglomerate predict their pipeline closure rate 6 weeks before the end of the of the quarter

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Customer Testimonials
how modata helps businesses grow
"The UI is exceedingly simple to use and fast. Simply define the way you want to filter the data and leverage the expertise of the MoData team."
Dan Lackner
CRO, Vaadin

"The fact that it tracks history unlike most other BI tools like Power BI. This means that you do not have to take snapshots every day or week to track movement of your funnel. Thats been great help for us."
Subanya C.
Sales Ops, Promapp

"Excellent Platform, Great Leadership"
Bobbi Frioli
VP Sales, Beekeeper
"Excellent sales reporting tool to understand trends and patterns going on within your organization, such as forecasting, pipeline, target accounts, etc. Identifies many patterns and insights that you would often miss if just relying on reporting. Goes deep by sales team, manager, rep, etc too"
Rob Israch
CMO Tipalti
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