Sales Reporting

Ensure Depth of
Account Coverage
Evaluate Target Accounts
Engagement Rate
Measure Effectiveness of Account Based Sales and Marketing Campaigns
Analyze Effectiveness
of Communication Channels
Ensure Depth Of Account Coverage

Ensure depth of account coverage by measuring engagement level for every targeted account. Account Based Sales strategy involves engaging your pre-qualified targeted accounts at multiple levels. MoData makes it easier to track, measure and compare these engagements objectively. Get an evident picture of what's working and what's not.

Evaluate Target Accounts Engagement Rate

As you improve your Account based selling efforts, it becomes important to evaluate every target accounts engagement rate. The deeper the level of engagement better the chances of conversion. MoData gives you a clear visibility on the reasons behind low interactions for some accounts compared to others. You can strategize and make changes accordingly!

Measure Effectiveness Of Account Based Sales And Marketing Campaigns

Measure effectiveness of your Account Based Sales campaigns by evaluating their contribution to opportunity pipeline. Compare campaigns. Track revenue generated by each campaign. Identify strengths and issues. Optimize your marketing strategy to maximize your business revenue and profitability. MoData arms you with such succinct details about your marketing campaigns.

Analyze Effectiveness Of Communication Channels

Which communication channel has been effective for a particular account? Was it email, LinkedIn, PPC, messages, referrals or the phone calls? MoData helps you analyze how each of these channels influence the results of your ABS campaigns in terms of opportunity creation. You can have a better communication strategy by selecting a set of communication channels for each targeted account!

Related Features
Sales Activity

Evaluate where your sale team is spending time. Calculate return on sales investment. Identify high value activities through analysis. Ensure sales rep activities are aligned with team goals.


Track movement of deals through the pipeline. Correlate how each activity type influences the advancement of deals through the pipeline. Identify whats working for your best reps and train the rest.

Sales Productivity

Identify bottlenecks in sales process. Benchmark your KPIs against industry average. Measure the quality of MQLs by aggregating conversion performance across multiple sales reps.

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