Account Based Sales

Dive into key accounts with extreme detail and perception

Key Metrics
Account Engagement
Activity Comparison
Campaign Compliance
Support your account based approach

Zoom in on key metrics that drive an account focused sales process and ensure depth of coverage across key points of interest. See the up to date roll up of your account depth growth and drill in to an organized view of any specific account.

Evaluate Account Engagement

Ensure depth of account coverage by measuring engagement level for every key targeted account. A successful account based strategy involves engaging your pre-qualified targeted accounts at multiple levels which can prove challenging with standard CRM reporting or Excel. MoData makes it easy to track, measure and compare these engagements objectively so you can focus on using your data rather than collecting it

Evaluate Target Accounts Engagement Rate

As you improve your Account based selling efforts, it becomes important to evaluate every target accounts engagement rate. The deeper the level of engagement better the chances of conversion. MoData gives you a clear visibility on the reasons behind low interactions for some accounts compared to others. You can strategize and make changes accordingly!


Deal closure


Average deal size


Sales velocity

Compare Account Activity Side By Side

See the wrap up of activities for each account side by side and instantly understand where your team’s focus is spent. View and compare any time segment to solidify benchmarks and gauge performance growth.

Drive Campaign Compliance

See key accounts side by side and ensure your strategy is playing out the way you intend. Understand your efforts and make easy decisions on how to allocate your team’s focus.

Compare & Share

Compare any perspective side by side.

Implement your insights into your workflow with a single click

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Analyze key business metrics over time. Analyze how those metrics have changed over time (years,quarters, months). Gain valuable insight to better manage your sales team and process.

Sales Velocity

One of the most informative metric important to every Sales Executive, yet seldom exposed for easy consumption. Delivered out of the box!


Benchmark with others from your industry with side by side visualizations. Identify where to spend resources and what to improve.

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