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“Ability to identify at-risk deals is phenomenal. After MoData, our sales team now produces same level of revenue with a fraction of the reps – a 300% improvement on cost basis.”
Adam Pisk
VP of Sales, Serviceseeking
"The fact that it tracks history unlike most other BI tools like Power BI. This means that you do not have to take snapshots every day or week to track movement of your funnel. Thats been great help for us."
Subanya C.
Sales Ops, Promapp
"MoData is giving us information that we never had before. Particularly good is the way that it runs of regular snapshots of the HubSpot system rather than just current state (i.e. it acts as a data source that you don't have without it)."
Kit Kox
CEO, Enate
Case Study: +300% Sales ROI
See how MoData helped ServiceSeeking exceed their revenue goals while reducing cost.
300% improvement on sales ROI based on cost.
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How MoData Works?
Connect . Analyze . Provide

MoData accelerates your revenue growth by automatically combining the data from your pipeline tools, analyzing their impact, and then providing insights based on the complete picture of your sales process.

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Behind every successful customer… is a lot of great data. Our Philosophy: Fast results. Measurable success. Long-term relationships. And a little fun

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MoData's AI-powered sales intelligence software provides you with actionable insights, predictions and prescriptions to help you grow revenue, faster.
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Easily leverage MoData to quickly uncover insight that’s unique to your operations and relevant to any role in your organization – insight that underpins timely, effective action that can get quarters back on track, and make achieving great quarters both predictable and probable. See how MoData helps everyone in your organization contribute.

One size DOES NOT Fit All
Analytics Tailored To Your Sales Process

It’s hard to beat the competition when you’re working with the same information and using the same reports as the competition. That’s why, in addition to providing hundreds of out-of-the-box KPIs, MoData enables you to customize your system so you can measure and evaluate virtually any aspect of your unique organization and processes. Understand and adjust your situation and identify what works best for you specifically – your best (and worst) performers, your most (and least) valuable prospects, your customers’ specific behavior – anything you can imagine.

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We also understand how important onboarding is. With MoData, you are up and running in a matter of minutes. Start finding out THIS quarter what’s working, where you need to improve, and what to do about it, and make better progress on your numbers THIS quarter.

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