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Custom Reporting
Dashboard Builder
Discover and Integrate New Data
Everything You Could Ever Need in One Place
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Leverage all of your data, centralized and in real-time, to truly to see where the bottlenecks are (timing, rep behavior, lead activity, and so on) and come up with a winning and repeatable formula.

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  • Spend less time fighting with software or struggling with third-party reports. Instead, integrate data from all of your systems into one, and easily (we mean it - easily) create customized reports and dashboards.
  • Measure any aspect of your workflows, and take advantage of out-of-the-box metrics for virtually any scenario, including account-based marketing, SaaS, renewals, and so on.
  • Don't even get stymied by incomplete information; AI and machine learning technologies can extrapolate from missing data and fill in any gaps, enabling more reliable forecasting and reporting.
Custom Reporting

We understand every sales organization is unique. Custom reporting is a norm, not an exception. Despite hundreds of pre-built "pads", we realize you would need to build your own reports. Custom reporting is a breeze with our "Pad Builder".

Dashboard Builder

MoData's Dashboard Builder makes using the system a breeze. Whether you need to modify existing pads or create new ones from scratch, everything can be done in a few simple clicks. We make your life easier one click at a time!

Discover And Integrate New Data

Use existing data or discover and integrate new data. Our self-service tools make it easy to merge new data with existing data set. The data is our business, so we give you the ability to focus on yours!

Everything You Could Ever Need In One Place

MoData gives you the Sales and Marketing Data Warehouse you didn't even know you needed. Until now. Once you try it, you'll wonder how you've lived without it until now. MoData - data made simple!

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100s Of
Pre-Built KPI

Wondering what metrics are being tracked by some of the best sales organizations out there? Don't worry we got you covered. Choose from our list of out-of-box "pads", pre-packaged and ready to be delivered.

Custom Reporting
With "Pad Builder"

You have a unique sales scenario which is not covered by out-of-the box "pads" ? No problem. Use our "self-service" pad builder and create the KPI / Charts you need. Single click deployment and its part of your existing dashboard.

Data Management
With AI

Sales reps don't always fill up the data? You are not alone, some of the world's best sales organizations find themselves in the same spot. We use AI and Machine Learning to extrapolate missing data.

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