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Get a consolidated view of major areas where your sales team is spending time. Are your resources being put to optimal use? Find out with MoData's productivity analytics software!

Ensure Strategic Consistency

Ensure your sales development and field sales activities are consistent with your sales strategy. Create a deal distribution process that maximizes the strengths of your sales talent. MoData's sales productivity tools will be indispensable to that process!

Figure Out The Correct Strategy In Any Situation

Regional lead distribution, strategic accounts allocation or another strategy - the choice is yours. Yet one size does not fit all, so measure effectiveness and make decision. Let the data guide you to where you need to be. MoData simply makes gathering it easy.

Evaluate Stalled Opportunities

Evaluate stalled opportunities, inactive deal distribution to make hiring decisions with confidence. MoData's sales productivity analysis makes it all clear.

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Evaluate where your sale team is spending time. Calculate return on sales investment. Identify high value activities through analysis. Ensure sales rep activities are aligned with team goals.


Compare quarter over quarter quota attainment trends. Measure and rebalance leads flow across different sales reps and teams. Track individual, team and organizational goals.


Discount is often used as the panacea to close the "stuck" deals in last moment? Does it really work? Does it point to weakness in other parts of your sales process?

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