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Your Team
Transform Monday
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Balance Management With Selling

All reps are not created equal. Get detailed insight into your reps’ behavior, results, and trends, and supercharge your coaching and support. For example:

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  • Know precisely where your people are spending their time, and identify and solve problems before they become a real issue.
  • Figure out what your highest-value activities are.
  • Quantify whether your discounts are returning value or just eating into profitability.
Get To Know Your Team Better

Get insights into what really make your superstars sales reps "tick". Learn what makes them stand out. Keep an eye on what your team is doing. Always be on top of things with MoData's insights for sales managers.

Inspire Your Team

Inspire your sales team with stats backed by real data. Show them the actual results of their work and what they can achieve. Give them that extra push that will ultimately take their sales game to the next level.

Coach Your Team

Help out struggling team members. Identify problems and solve them before they become a real issue. Stay one step ahead at all times and always keep an eye on your goals. Ensure everyone is clear on what they need to do and how to do it.

Transform Monday Morning 1-on-1's

Transform Monday morning one-on-ones with your team into strategy sessions. Make the most out of those meetings and show your team the way to success with MoData!

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Activity Tracking

Evaluate where your sale team is spending time. Calculate return on sales investment. Identify high value activities through analysis. Ensure sales rep activities are aligned with team goals.

Goal Tracking

Compare quarter over quarter quota attainment trends. Measure and rebalance leads flow across different sales reps and teams. Everything you need to ensure your team aces the quarter.

Sales Productivity Analysis

Identify bottlenecks in sales process. Benchmark your KPIs against industry average. Measure the quality of MQLs by aggregating conversion performance across multiple sales reps.

Discount Usage

Discount is often used as the panacea to close the "stuck" deals in last moment? Does it really work? Does it point to weakness in other parts of your sales process?

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