Sales Representative
Prioritize Opportunities
Spend More Time Selling
Never miss a beat
Understand what drives your success
Maximize Deal Closure

Supplement your intuition with data. Identify precise sequence of activities which are helping your colleagues close more deals faster. Finally make use of the data that you have painstakingly help collect in your CRM for years.

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  • Identify at-risk deals with automated alerts. No need to create those repetitive tasks to help remind you. Let us do the heavy lifting.
  • Get help prioritizing where you spend your time to maximize deal closure with our deal scoring features.
  • Never walk into another one-on-one meeting unprepared about state of your current and future pipeline. Now you can have the same visibility as your manager
Prioritize Opportunities

MoData's AI ranks each deal's likelihood to close with 98% accuracy. Prioritize your best deals and maximize your wins, with MoData as your personal coaching assistant its never been so easy to let your talent shine.

Spend More Time Selling

Leave the report generation to us. Instantly generated and easy to navigate insight mean you can spend your time where your talent shine. Not pulling data or putting together your performance reports.

Never miss a beat

Know exactly where you stand with your performance at all times. From total closure amounts to number of communication activities by account, MoData instantly connects you to all the insight you need to ace your quarterly reviews without the need to manually compile it along the way.

Understand what drives your success

Easily understand what is driving your success and duplicate it. Insight into your own personal winning formula makes tackling new accounts easier than ever before.

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100s Of
Pre-Built KPI

Wondering what metrics are being tracked by some of the best sales organizations out there? Don't worry we got you covered. Choose from our list of out-of-box "pads", pre-packaged and ready to be delivered.

Custom Reporting
With "Pad Builder"

You have a unique sales scenario which is not covered by out-of-the box "pads" ? No problem. Use our "self-service" pad builder and create the KPI / Charts you need. Single click deployment and its part of your existing dashboard.

Data Management
With AI

Sales reps don't always fill up the data? You are not alone, some of the world's best sales organizations find themselves in the same spot. We use AI and Machine Learning to extrapolate missing data.

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