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4 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Account Based Marketing

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4 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Account Based Marketing

We’ve already covered how to make your account based marketing strategy a success, but why you, as a sales leader, should invest in it?

Sales and marketing leaders across industries are accountable for the most important task of getting their teams fired up in every possible way to acquire leads and show conversion.

In B2B marketing and selling journey the process needs to be approached in a more systematic, focused and effective way. Inbound marketing of pushing product  or service related content to the mass audience may or may not fetch desired result. The content might get overlooked or might not even reach your potential client. Similarly, outbound marketing tactics like running commercials on television can blow your marketing budget.

Account Based Marketing, or ABM for short, gives you the opportunity to target and reach your selected audience, who are more likely to buy, through tailor-made content and campaign. And while ABM might not be suitable for just any company, it brings a number of advantages for those who can implement it.

1) Razor sharp focus on sales and marketing strategies

Sales and marketing teams often complaint about disjoint and how there is no seamless flow of essential insights and information between the two departments. With the effort to bring ABM into play, the two alienated parts of your organization will have to work together. Hence, the strategies will be more focused towards identifying quality leads and creating marketing collaterals to convert them into your customers. This will work as two-edged sword in aligning sales and marketing, and in focusing on targets who are more likely to convert.

“Indeed, B2B research firm Sirius Decisions reported that 92% of B2B companies said that account-based marketing was “extremely” or “very” important to its marketing efforts in 2015”

2) Optimum utilization of resources

ABM doesn’t let sales and marketing go overboard with their resources. With the highly targeted campaigns for individual accounts/prospects, the organizations will not waste time, effort and other resources in going after leads who are not likely to convert.

3) High ROI and low CPA

B2B companies have seen a remarkable boost in their ROI with the implementation of ABM into their marketing strategies. That’s because hyper-targeting lets them chase the right people in right account with less wastage of resources. ABM pushes quality leads into your sales funnel. Because of ABM your lead pool definitely shrinks but sales and marketing efforts get channelized in pursuing genuine leads from that pool. This in turn brings down your Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) and  pushes your ROI up.

4) Personalized content for the right account

Through ABM you are not chasing an individual’s attention. It is the account that you need to close and that account could be associated with one or many decision makers. ABM lets you personalize content, mailers and varied marketing creatives to influence all the stakeholders of particular account at the same time. It is well researched on and well rehearsed content plus pitch. So, it is in best of your interest to know all the decision makers of your target client.

So, these are the reasons why we think that Account Based Marketing (ABM) should be given a shot by B2B companies. However, we would also like to hear your opinion on ABM- do you think it is the right marketing approach for your company? In case ABM has worked for you, did you see any significant change in your numbers? What does the CPA and ROI say?

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