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Identify Sales Process Shortcomings

Identify sales process shortcomings by identifying lead stages which act as bottlenecks. MoData's funnel management software allows you to do that easily and without a fuzz. Improve your sales by removing those bottlenecks!

"Lead Flow" Visualizations

Evaluate effectiveness of current lead stage model in your CRM via our "Lead Flow" visualizations. Understand if it's time to introduce new lead stages.Get all your data in an easy to digest format you can easily customize to fit your needs.

Measure Lead Velocity

MoData's sales funnel management tool allows you to measure how frequently your leads are moving through the stages. Get to bottom of what differentiates swifter leads from the ones which are moving slowly.

Measure MQL

Evaluate quality of MQL by measuring success patterns across multiple reps and multiple regions. Allow the data to be your guide in the decision making processes. And allow us to provide the data.

Related Features

Track the flow of leads through your sales funnel. Easy to understand flow visualizations help you identify where to concentrate.


Get up to date revenue numbers to make day-to-day decisions. No more waiting for those weekly spreadsheets.

100s Of
Pre-Built KPI

Wondering what metrics are being tracked by some of the best sales organizations out there? Don't worry we got you covered. Choose from our list of out-of-box "pads", pre-packaged and ready to be delivered.

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