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Identify Bottlenecks
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Pipeline Leakage
Identify Sales Process Shortcomings

Identify sales process shortcomings by discovering bottlenecks and pipeline leakage. See exactly where you are losing revenue and use data to understand how to fix it. MoData enables you to realize the full potential of your sales team with the people and resources you already have.

Examine Stalled Deals

Easily rank your stalled deals on their close potential and take sales-ready action. Understand your leading causes of stalled deals and how to seal the cracks in your pipeline.

Reduce Deal Slippage

60% of sales managers reported that unexpected deal slippage is the #1 problem they face. MoData helps to alleviate this issue with crystal clear analytical breakdowns that show exactly where risk lies so that you can focus efforts where they mean the most.


Deal closure


Average deal size


Sales velocity

Identify Sales Velocity Roadblock

Instantly calculate and compare your sales velocity across any perspective from lead source to individual sales rep. See which factors are slowing you down and gain a clear understanding of what the impact is and how to improve them.

Measure MQL

Evaluate quality of MQL by measuring success patterns across multiple reps and multiple regions. Allow the data to be your guide in the decision making processes. And allow us to provide the data.

Seal Pipeline Leakage

Not only does MoData show you where your pipeline is leaking but it gives you all tools you need to fix it NOW. Seal up the cracks and watch your win rate soar.

Compare & Share

Compare any perspective side by side.

Implement your insights into your workflow with a single click

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Analyze key business metrics over time. Analyze how those metrics have changed over time (years,quarters, months). Gain valuable insight to better manage your sales team and process.

Sales Velocity

One of the most informative metric important to every Sales Executive, yet seldom exposed for easy consumption. Delivered out of the box!


Benchmark with others from your industry with side by side visualizations. Identify where to spend resources and what to improve.

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