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Sales Forecasting Ebook
Sales forecasting, while necessary, is not that easy, as it requires institutional discipline, time investment and organizational buy-in. Download this step-by-step guide to understand infrastructure you need to accurately forecast sales and what factors (external and internal) influence sales forecast and how?
sales forecasting method ebook
Want to understand difference between opportunity stage, regression analysis, intutive, cycle-length & machine learning based multi-factor sales forecasting? Download this step-by-step guide to understand what might be most effective sales forecasting method for your specific business scenario.
Why Smart Sales Teams Shift to Account Based Selling Model
What is Account Based Sales? Should your sales team shift to ABS? What are some of the common impediments to Account Based Sales shift? This Free eBook gives you the reasons behind why so many sales teams shift to ABS, and why you should, too.
Is Closing a Real Problem in Account Based Selling?
If you want your sales team to get the right results, you need to solve problems that delay or curb your sales goal and conversion. But do you know what the real problems in your sales process are? Download your free eBook, which includes a list of questions, to help you identify them.
Why Your CRM Is Deficient For Account Based Sales
A successful Account Based Sales and Marketing (ABS/ ABM) structure depends on an efficient and effective CRM. Download this white paper to learn how to prepare your CRM for ABS.

How We Uncovered $3.5 Million Worth of Deals

In this case study we used Mo-data's analytical model to analyse 12 years worth of data, which helped us to uncover revenue opportunities estimated on $3.5... Read more

How to Achieve 80%+ Accuracy on Sales Forecasts

Reps that entered deals into the system as early as possible allow the organization to drastically improve their sales forecasting... Read more
Mo-Data's Overview
Download our One Pager to see how our end-to-end analytics can improve return on your sales and marketing investments.
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