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Why Smart Sales Teams Shift to Account Based Selling Model
Today ABS might be a buzzword in B2B sales domain but sales specialists say that it has always been used, without attaching a "name" to the process. In modern sales structure B2B experts have coined a term for this sales process of targeting individual accounts. In this book we explore various aspects of Account Based Selling (ABS) model in depth.
Is Closing a Real Problem in Account Based Selling?
Often times we have heard sales executives in Account Based Selling space talk about how hard and daunting a task it is to close. Even though "closing" an account or "signing" a new deal could be the bread and butter of the organization and likewise of the sales team, it is perceived as a "problem". But is closing a real problem in ABS? There sure can be small obstacles in the way but closing, in itself, is "never a problem". Still, you will need to identify the broken links in your sales process and fix them.
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