Quality of MQL

Unify data across sales
and marketing
Easy access to
the results
Unify Data Across Sales And Marketing

A marketing qualified lead (MQL) is a lead marketing hands down to sales. Quality of MQL is the single most important metric for seeing how marketing and sales are aligned. With MoData's intelligence suit, you can unify the data from both departments. Easily track the quality of the MQL without a fuzz.

Frequent Measurement

In order to keep delivering the latest and most relevant information, MoData's software does frequent measurements. This way you're always on top of the numbers in real time. One simple look is enough to determine how things are going. Don't lose a single bit of data!

Easy Access To The Results

The data comes in easy to digest bite-sized pieces. You can access the information at any time. The dashboards are easy to operate and the data is structured in an intuitive way. You won't have any trouble finding what you need. Get access to the context you need to easily interpret.

Single System

All of this in a unified system that's easy to access. Improving the quality of the MQL means a higher number of closed deals which directly translates into more revenue. With an average MQL to SQL conversion rate less than 20% there is a lot of room for growth. MoData will help you achieve that growth!

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