HubSpot Integration

Maximize Impact
Improved Accuracy
Deal Predictions
Fully Automated
Maximize Your Hubspot Sales Team

Effortless lead your team with 360 pipeline views, activity tracking, quota management, and unlimited historical capture. Empower your Hubspot sales team to match the functionality of any sales centered CRM on the market for a fraction of the cost, without ever having to migrate.

Effectively Manage Pipeline

Make managing your sales team easier than ever before with our revolutionary solution to Hubspot sales. See a crystal clear view of your pipeline and easily identify the areas that need your attention with fully visual representations that are easy to understand.

Increase Forecast Speed and Accuracy

See how all of your deals rank against each other, view individual and team quota achievement projections, and share instantly generated quarterly revenue forecasting projections with a single click. Break down forecasts by team, region, and even individual reps in seconds.

Stop Snapshotting

Capture all of your Hubspot data automatically and never have to snapshot again. Every metric contains historical context so you always understand the full story of your analytics. Make confident decisions with trend analysis and take the pain away from constantly trying to put the pieces together.

Improve Efficiency

Effortlessly compare any metric across sales reps, time segments, or lead sources side by side. Share your findings with any team member directly into their inbox with just one click. Align on the areas for improvement and scale your sales faster than ever before.

Solidify a Data-Driven Process

Utilize your sales data as a guiding star to improve your sales process. Clearly see the impact of initiatives with limitless historical comparisons and in-depth activity tracking.

Identify Hidden Bottlenecks

Easily spot clogs in your sales process with side-by-side rep views of deal stage lengths. See the breakdown of what drives success and how it can be replicated.

Add AI to your HubSpot with Automated Sales Forecasting

Forecast based on individual deals and your team’s history, not funnel stage buckets and guess work

Instantly spot deal risk and know which deals are real so you can avoid surprises

The right deals at the right time
See every deal ranked by prediction, summary, and history all in one view. Increase sales velocity by focusing on the right deals at the right time.
  • Rank Your Deals
  • Focus On the Right Opportunity
  • Improve Win Rate

Automatic Integration

Every view is automatically generated live with your HubSpot CRM data so you’re always up to date.

See every deal ranked by prediction, summary, and history all in one view so you can make the decisions you need without chasing down facts.

Connect. Analyze. Provide.
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Analyze key business metrics over time. Analyze how those metrics have changed over time (years,quarters, months). Gain valuable insight to better manage your sales team and process.

Sales Velocity

One of the most informative metric important to every Sales Executive, yet seldom exposed for easy consumption. Delivered out of the box!


Benchmark with others from your industry with side by side visualizations. Identify where to spend resources and what to improve.

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