Goal Tracking

Set Goals and Track
Reps Progress
Align Rep & Org
Track Goals Regularly to
Ensure Compliance
Ensure Optimal Sales
Set Goals And Track Reps Progress

MoData's goal tracker allows you to set goals and follow progress on the rep level. Find out which of your reps are performing the best. Find the reasons behind the worse performance of the others. You will get access to all the data to make this possible with a few clicks.

Align Individual Goals With Organizational Objectives

Make it clear what your goal is and ensure that your sales reps are well aware of it. This will help you align the goals of the individual reps to the goals of the organization for a common drive forward. MoData will make this process easy and seamless.

Track Goals Regularly To Ensure Compliance

With just a few clicks, you get access to everything your reps are doing. Track the goals regularly and ensure everything is going according to plan. If all your reps are complying, the process should be smooth and seamless.

Ensure Optimal Sales Performance

MoData's goal tracker will help you ensure the optimal performance of your sales team. Identify reps frequently miss their goals and likely stuck. Data has the answers. Unlock your team's true potential with our goal tracking software!

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