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Discover Hidden Patterns

Is there a hidden pattern in discount usage which points to weakness in other parts of your sales process? Find out with MoData. Now we offer you the opportunity to unveil hidden patterns in your discount usage. Allow only the most effective tactics to stay and discard the rest with our software. Stop wasting money.

Identify Weak Links

Correlate quota attainment with discount usage to identify weak links. The numbers never lie, and MoData will give you enough to look at in easy to follow, easy to manage package. Slice and dice your discount usage to find out how much it actually helps.

Compare Discount Usage

Compare discount usage across product groups, regions and lead type to identify issues with one particular workflow in your process. Find out exactly what is happening beneath the surface and make sure you correct it in time.

Improve Your Sales Process

Discounts are often used as a last-ditch effort to close a "stuck" deal at the last moment. Do they really work? How can you improve the process? Try out our intelligent discount usage tracking assistance software and find out.

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