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Sales kick off?
Forecasting Meeting?
Executive Review?

With 100s of prebuilt reports at your disposal, we always got you covered no matter the situation

A Complete View Of Revenue From Lead To Renewal

Coverage above, below, and across the funnel. Integrate and aggregate data across every platform in your tech stack all in one place. Finally see the complete picture of everything in your sales process analyzed and available for everyone on your team from anywhere in the world

Optimize Your Sales Process

Using MoData makes it easier than ever before to evolve your sales process to become more data-driven. Our customers see clear performance improvements that prove now more than ever, there is no better sales process than one run on data.


Deal closure


Average deal size


Sales velocity

Instant Integration

We get it. You don’t have time to mess around with dozens of meetings just to get your analytics installed, configured, and ready to use.

That’s why we built MoData to be fully self-service with instant integration and standard with 100s of pre-built reports that come ready to use immediately. Cut the bs and get the answers you need right now.

Save countless hours every month

MoData automates the most time-consuming part of monthly pipeline and revenue reporting. Generate pipeline health visuals in seconds. Now you can free up time for deeper analysis, such as examining revenue velocity by region, sales process, or activity plan.

Utilize Unrivaled Functionality

Drill down into any report. Compare any time segments or sort any data set with the snap of your fingers. Collect your findings and share them with your team in seconds. Compile your favorites into personalized dashboards and easily understand how they change over time.

Compare & Share

Compare any perspective side by side.

Implement your insights into your workflow with a single click

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MoData's AI-powered sales intelligence software provides you with actionable insights,
predictions and prescriptions to help you grow revenue, faster.

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Analyze key business metrics over time. Analyze how those metrics have changed over time (years,quarters, months). Gain valuable insight to better manage your sales team and process.

Sales Velocity

One of the most informative metric important to every Sales Executive, yet seldom exposed for easy consumption. Delivered out of the box!


Benchmark with others from your industry with side by side visualizations. Identify where to spend resources and what to improve.

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