Sales Rep Management

Track the Number of Follow Ups
and Content Usage
Identify Your Rep
Discover What
Drives Success
Coach Others to Increase
Track The Number Of Follow Ups And Content Usage

MoData makes tracking the number of follow ups and content usage extremely intuitive. Our sales activity tracker allows you to keep a close eye on your sales reps from various points of views. We present the data in a manner that is easy to digest. What more could you ask for?

Identify Your Rep Priorities

Make informed decisions about your rep priorities with the help of our software. Get inside the process. Slice, dice and manage each aspect of it. The data will always be at your disposal with a few clicks.

Discover What Drives Success

What is the difference between your more successful and less successful reps? Find out with MoData�s activity tracking tool. Discover what your revenue drivers are doing so you can help the rest improve, as well.

Coach Others To Increase Performance

Once you�ve identified the strong and weak points, it�s easy to coach others and improve their performance. We�ll help you get the guesswork out of the equation and focus on actually improving, tracking and reporting performance.

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