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Sales & Data: A Match Made in Revenue
We believe we are defining the future of B2B Sales

“Big Data” has been a “Next Big Thing” for years. But it’s not all hype. Aggregating, analyzing, and applying intelligence to massive amounts of data from countless disparate sources is helping people take on the world’s greatest problems – treating cancer, observing planets in distant solar systems, even finding that song you sort of remember from childhood.

So why do sales organizations still struggle with old and incomplete data buried in discrete systems? It’s no wonder 53% don’t meet their quota, and barely a third can even make reliable forecasts.

We’ve found that, in sales as in so many other industries, big data – in this case, millions of customer interactions – holds the key to big progress. The good news is, you probably already have the data. You just need to gather and evaluate it all.

That’s where we come in.

We’re sales pros, data wranglers & engineers. We’ve walked in your shoes and we understand your challenges.

What gets us up in the morning is mining the treasure trove of data above, below, and inside the sales funnel for trends that will help you make timely decisions & lead to blow-out quarters.

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Steve King
Advisor & Investor
CEO Docusign, Recommind, ZANTAZ
Rob Israch
CMO Tipalti, Netsuite, Intuit
Steve Kennedy
CRO / SVP Sales Recommind, EMC, Centrify, ZANTAZ
Volney Spalding
VP Sales Ops App Annie, xMatters, Brightedge, SFDC
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