Pre-Built KPIS

Complex B2B
Easy to use
Everything you might
need in one package
Out-Of-Box Metrics

MoData offers you literally 100s of KPIs available out-of-the-box. Whatever you might need, odds are we already have it pre-programmed. All you have to do is open the package and start working on the data.

Complex B2B Workflows

We understand complex B2B workflows and take great care in ensuring every aspect is measurable. MoData's KPI measurement has you covered in whatever ways you might need. You can get into the system in no time!

Easy To Use Visualizations

We've implemented easy to use visualizations to fit your busy schedule. With this aspect of our system, you can clearly see all the KPIs you're measuring and comparing them in a comprehensive manner. No time wasted!

Everything You Might Need In One Package

Want to track a new metric explore our inventory of few hundred pre-built visualizations? We offer out-of-box metrics for all aspects of sales and marketing funnel. Not only that, but purpose built insightful applications for specific initiatives like Account Based Marketing / Sales, SaaS, Renewals, and more. MoData - always the right answer to the difficult questions!

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