Pre-packaged Role Specific Dashboards

Head of Sales

"You can't improve what you can't measure". Get visibility across all sales and marketing KPIs. Discover new metrics from our ever-growing repository of out-of-the-box "Pads". Identify gaps by benchmarking against other leader's companies in your industries. Let us do the measurements so you can do what you do best. Sell More!

Sales Managers

Rise above the details and get the overview of your reps' activities through our purpose-built sales management "Pads". Get insights into what really make your superstars sales reps "tick". Inspire your sales team with stats backed by real data and coach them to next level of productivity.

Sales Operation

We understand every sales organization is unique and custom reporting is a norm not an exception. Despite hundreds of pre-built "pads", we realize you would need to build your own reports. Custom reporting is a breeze with our "pad builder" offering. Use existing data or discover & integrate new data, our self-service tools make it easy.

Head of Marketing

Establish the quality of those MQLs with our out-of-the box MQL quality "pad". Identify how your department is contributing to the top line of the company. Establish marketing channel "attribution" metrics by real contribution to the sales. Marketing budget distribution just got easier.

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