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Maximize your Hubspot sales team with pipeline management, deal predictions, and AI insights from MoData. Identify trends, manage initiatives, and visualize your sales pipeline to unlock the potential of your sales team and accelerate repeatable performance.

Pipeline Management
Sales Forecasting
Deal Predictions
Unlimited History Capture

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Visual - See your pipeline metrics fully visualized with beautiful visualizations
Historical - Leave snapshots behind with unlimited automatic historical record
Automated - Instantly generated from live from your data in real time
Fast - Make confident decisions using the results of prediction models uniquely made from your historical data

Pipeline Management Built For Sales

Effortless lead your team with 360 pipeline views, activity tracking, quota management, and unlimited historical capture. Empower your Hubspot sales stack to match the functionality of any CRM on the market for a fraction of the cost, without ever having to migrate.


Get time back to sell and guidance on which deals are most likely to close. Increase performance by closing more deals faster.


See a clear state of the pipeline to provide effective coaching. Organize all rep and account activity to ensure your reps are always working the right opportunities.


Understand risk and make confident decisions. Effortlessly share forecasts with a single, accurate, and always up-to-date source of truth in real time.

Part of the MoData Sales Mastery Suite

100s of Metrics Available out-of-the-box. Provisioned in minutes. Self-Service & Managed Customization.
Drill Down into Details without loosing context
Track weekly, monthly & quarterly changes to the pipeline. Compare changes across months & quarters to identify cyclic patterns
Get details of exactly what has changed week over week. We track them so you don't have to
Collaborative forecasting, quota management & magagerial overrides. Single source of truth
Customizable to support multi-hierarchy, multi-currency, multi-region & multi-segment
Organize all your open deals based on close-predictions and quarters
Easily access monthly & quarterly revenue predictions along with deal level details
Track deal flow from lead-opportunity-close. Measure lead quality
Get lead & opportunity level
Track target account engagement level. Compare changes over time.
Measure per rep activity by type.
Pivot and filter every metric based on dozen of filters availble out of the box. Easily add any missing ones
Real time updates. Customization options. Non-Standard & custom CRM fields supported
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MoData's AI-powered sales intelligence software provides you with actionable insights, predictions and prescriptions to help you grow revenue, faster.


how modata helps businesses grow
"The UI is exceedingly simple to use and fast. Simply define the way you want to filter the data and leverage the expertise of the MoData team."
Dan Lackner
CRO, Vaadin
"The fact that it tracks history unlike most other BI tools like Power BI. This means that you do not have to take snapshots every day or week to track movement of your funnel. Thats been great help for us."
Subanya C.
Sales Ops, Promapp
"Excellent Platform, Great Leadership"
Bobbi Frioli
VP Sales, Beekeeper
"Working in a high velocity sales environment I required better insights into the sales funnel but I don't have a PHD in maths -ie, I was having difficulty generating reports directly from Salesforce. MoData provides easy to use customizable reporting that gives me the insights I need in order to make better, faster decisions. Highly recommend it."
Adam Pisk
Sales Director
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Opportunity Management

Put reps in position to crush their number every quarter by helping them focus on the right deals, and giving them time back to sell.

Pipeline inspection

Give sales managers instant insight into rep activity and the true state of deals, so limited 1:1 time can be spent on key opportunities.

Forecast Management

Transform the way forecasting is done and leverage AI to more accurately predict sales revenue..

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