Head of Marketing

Get an Insight into Your
Marketing Initiatives
Assess Your
Resource Allocation
Follow Your
Leads and Sales
Your Revenue
Get An Insight Into Your Marketing Initiatives

Track how well your marketing initiatives are doing day to day. MoData ensures you have short and long-term data at your fingertips whenever you need it. Find out what you can do to improve your marketing endeavor without a hassle!

Assess Your Resource Allocation

MoData makes your prioritization easier than ever! See if your resources are properly allocated. Identify the best channels and allocate more resources in that direction. Avoid wasting time and energy. Back this up with solid data. What more can you ask for?

Follow Your Leads And Sales

Track the effectiveness of your marketing channels by measuring the leads and sales. With MoData, you can easily track which contacts become leads and which leads become sales. Are there any weaknesses in your process? Find out with our lead and sales tracking software!

Track Your Revenue

Find out which marketing channels bring you the most revenue. Ensure that you use your resources in the most optimal way. Maximize revenue and ROI. Bring your marketing game to the next level with MoData!

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Quality Of MQL

Establish quality metrics for your MQL. Measure your total contribution to the top line. Prioritize campaigns that are producing results in terms of deal closure

Activity Tracking

Evaluate where your sale team is spending time. Calculate return on sales investment. Identify high value activities through analysis. Ensure sales rep activities are aligned with team goals.

Marketing Attribution

Identify what flows through marketing funnel are resulting in "closed deals". Establish structured criteria for every campaign. Make your marketing investments work for you. Make informed decisions.

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