MoRevenue… Growth Through Insights

MoData looks at your data differently than your internal analysts or other Big Data players. Different because we begin by taking a look at your business and the strategic decisions you’re making. From there we apply data to ask the questions that you never dared.

We’ll help you ask better questions.

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Insight Driven Sales Results


The MoData team has identified and delivered tens of millions of dollars of revenue and savings opportunities for our clients – significantly driving the bottom line and increasing shareholder value.

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The MoRevenue Difference

Fast: Proof of concept is 4-6 weeks with actionable data.

Easy to use: User-friendly dashboards specific to your business.

Accurate: Predictability/forecasting based data…no more human spit-balling.

Flexible: The only application that works with every data source, including cloud, enterprise and in-house developed systems.

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Get Started Now

  1. Connect – Import data from Salesforce and any other systems you have.
  2. Select – Pick the insights you want in the way you want to see them.
  3. Act – View insights on desktop or mobile and start making decisions.
  4. Grow – As you make better decisions, this feeds back to expand your insights.

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Got an abundance of data but a shortage of time and resources to figure out all of the possibilities it holds? Are you are brimming with ideas but short on the data to deliver the business benefit? Maybe you just love what you’ve seen here and want to chat?

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